Welcome to Sabai Directory plugin for WordPress Demo

This is the demonstration site for Sabai Directory. Here you can see the Sabai Directory plugin actually running with some sample directories set up.

Site Structure

  • Businesses – A general business directory with the default settings and a custom map marker.
  • Restaurants – A directory of restaurants with additional custom fields and custom map styles.
  • Stores – A directory of stores with custom map styles. This directory does not show a small map on list view.
  • Shortcodes – Examples of shortcodes available with the plugin.
  • Dashboard – The dashboard displays all your claimed listings, orders and order history, and bookmarks. This page is only accessible by logged in users.


Please read the FAQs for more details of this plugin.

Demo Account

Use the following account to test features that are not available to anonymous users, such as posting reviews and photos, submitting and claiming listings, voting, flagging, bookmarking and etc.

Username: demo
Password: demo

Here are the permission settings of the demo account:

Add listings
Add listings (without approval)
Edit any unclaimed listing
Delete any unclaimed listing
Flag listings

Add reviews
Add reviews (without approval)
Edit own reviews
Edit any review
Delete own reviews
Delete any review
Flag reviews
Add comment to reviews
Edit own comments on reviews
Edit any comment on reviews
Delete own comments on reviews
Vote up comments on reviews
Vote up own comments on reviews
Flag comments on reviews

Add photos
Add photos (without approval)
Delete any non-official photo
Flag photos